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Spirit Led P3

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Week 5 Spirit Led P2 Big Idea In the book of Judges we see a people who "did what was right in their own eyes." It was a time of self focus and morality that centered upon each persons will and desires. In many ways, we are experiencing a similar situation today. The scriptures clearly tell...

Spirit Led P2

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Week 4 Spirit Led P2 Big Idea God hears our cry. When the children of Israel were in bondage in Egypt, they began to cry out to God for a deliverer. God is still in the delivering business. It is God's will for his people to be moving in all seasons of life. He gave the children of Israel a...

Fall Small Group Week 2

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Week 2 Learning from the Loaves Big Idea Sometimes it is easier to have faith and believe God will move in other's situations than our own. Jesus challenged the disciples to learn from the miracle of the loaves. He wanted them to know he was not only concerned and filled with compassion for...

Fall Small Group Week 1

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Week 1 When the Wine Runs Out Big Idea When we lean on our own abilities and strengths to get us through life, eventually we fall short. Not only does God want us to come to him in our weakness, He has created us to need Him. Pastor used the passage from John 2, Jesus turns water into wine...

Faith P3

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Week 7 FAITH PART 3 - Faith Over Feelings Big Idea In this sermon series, the topic is….Faith. In a world were we are constantly experiencing situations that affect our feelings, it is important to keep those feelings in check with  what God says. “Feelings are good...

Faith P2

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Week 6 FAITH PART 2 Big Idea In this sermon series, the topic is….Faith. Compassionate christianity stands on behalf of others. It leads us to act on our faith. This week we heard about the 4 friends of a paralytic who put their compassion and faith into action, overcoming obstacles...

Faith P1

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Week 5 FAITH PART 1 Big Idea In this sermon series, the topic is….Faith. It has been often said, “you may be the only Bible someone reads”. Certainly this was true for the church at Thessalonica. Paul commends them for their faith that is evident to people all around them...

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