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Winter/Spring Small Group Week 10

Posted by Charlotte Norman on

Week 10   Purpose Driven  - Men Big Idea In today's culture, we see a varied opinion and role of men. But we cannot allow culture to define what God has already given clarity to. We find in scripture the perfect example of a man - Jesus! We can look at how Jesus responds in various...

Winter/Spring Small Group Week 9

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Week 9   Purpose Driven  - Woman Big Idea Throughout scripture we see women in different roles, places, and with different pasts. Regardless of all this, when we have an encounter with Jesus, we now have purpose. Purpose to reach others. Jesus is the treasure in our Earthen...

Winter/Spring SG Week 7

Posted by Charlotte Norman on

Week 7   Purpose Driven Part 1 - The Church Big Idea There is a lot of thoughts about what the church "should" be doing. But what example did Jesus give us when it comes to the purpose of the church and the believer? Jesus clearly tells us what His works were in Luke 4:16 - Preach the...

Winter Spring Small Group Week 5

Posted by Charlotte Norman on

Week 5   Why Can't I Forgive Myself? Big Idea We can often confuse conviction with condemnation, however they are completely different. Condemnation is brought on by our enemy with the intent to shame us. Conviction, however, moves us toward God not away from Him. In 2 Corinthians...

Winter/Spring Week 2

Posted by Charlotte Norman on

Week 2   Hearers vs Doers Part 5 Big Idea As the sermon series wraps up, we see in James chapter 5, how we should address 3 areas of our lives: Money, Patience, and Transparency.  In like manner James doesn't hesitate to call these areas out as ones for the christian to give...

Winter/Spring Week 1

Posted by Charlotte Norman on

Week 1 Hearers vs Doers Part 4 Big Idea "The war in the heart often spills out to cause wars in the church." When we are constantly at war internally and not continuing to submit to God, conflict is inevitable. In a society of quick fixes, fast food, and convenience at our fingertips, often...

Pauls Prayer

Posted by Charlotte Norman on

Week 10 Paul's Prayer Big Idea Paul prayed for Jesus' followers in the book of Ephesians. He prayed they would know God, Know His calling, know His riches, and know His power. The prayer was not for them to actually have these things, but for them to realize what they had.  Discussion...


Posted by Charlotte Norman on

Week 8 Relationship Big Idea God has went to great lengths to be in relationship with us. Throughout all of scripture God shows his love for us, even or perhaps especially when we sin. From Genesis through the New Testament, scripture tells us of God's great amazing love. It's not about...

Spirit Led P4

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Week 6 Spirit Led P4 Big Idea This week we looked at how the Spirit spoke to 3 individuals in the book of Acts. If you haven't already read chapter 8,9, and 10 of Acts. All 3 accounts are awesome testimonies of how obedience to the Spirit's leading, can have major impact on the lives of...

Fall Small Group Week 2

Posted by Charlotte Norman on

Week 2 Learning from the Loaves Big Idea Sometimes it is easier to have faith and believe God will move in other's situations than our own. Jesus challenged the disciples to learn from the miracle of the loaves. He wanted them to know he was not only concerned and filled with compassion for...

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