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Fall Small Group Week 1

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Week 1

When the Wine Runs Out

Big Idea

When we lean on our own abilities and strengths to get us through life, eventually we fall short. Not only does God want us to come to him in our weakness, He has created us to need Him. Pastor used the passage from John 2, Jesus turns water into wine. Many times our own "wine runs out" and we find ourselves needy. But just like in the passage, Jesus waits until we are at the complete end of our resources to reveal His glory in us. 

Discussion Questions

  • Has there been a season of your life when your "wine ran out"? Or maybe you are there now. 
  • David too found himself frustrated, out of resources, and at the end. David's poor decision lead him to align with his enemy, the Philistines. How important is decision making during our time/season of lack?

Prayer Focus

“God help us to run to you in our season of lack and to realize all we need comes from you. You supply us with more than we could ever have in ourselves. Forgive us when we don't rely on you but try to rely on ourselves."

Next Steps

God wants to be a part of our everyday life. Not just when we need him. Scripture calls us to “pray without ceasing” (I Thess 5:16).  We practically can do this as we go about our daily lives, continually asking for God to give us right perspective in all things. 

Leader Tip 

Encourage your group in their situations to seek God's direction and guidance. Invite Jesus into the situation, then when He comes to do just as the disciples were instructed - "whatever he says to you to it".


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