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Winter Spring Small Group Week 5

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Week 5


Why Can't I Forgive Myself?

Big Idea

We can often confuse conviction with condemnation, however they are completely different. Condemnation is brought on by our enemy with the intent to shame us. Conviction, however, moves us toward God not away from Him. In 2 Corinthians 7:10, we see that Godly sorrow (conviction) leads to repentance and salvation. Often we can tell others about the amazing love, grace and forgiveness of God but find it more difficult to accept these truths for ourselves. Returning to the Word of God to see how He views us is key. Truth silences the enemy when the lies of condemnation shout loudly. 


Discussion Questions

  • How have you handled the condemning voice of the enemy in the past? 
  • What truth can we find in scripture about how God sees us?
  • Which apostle do yo most identify with? Each had their own struggles.  

Prayer Focus

“God your ways are not our ways. Help me to trust your word and that you are faithful to your Word. Even when things are not turning out the way I planned, let me see the bigger picture and what it means to be a true servant."

Next Steps

Lord help me to see and accept what your Word says about me and about how you have forgiven me when I repent. I pray for victory in areas of struggle in my life.  

Leader Tip 

Encourage those who may be struggling with an area of life that they feel they cannot overcome. If they need to repent, encourage them to repent. They will find a loving Father ready to forgive. Do they need to confess? encourage them to find healing through a trusted christian who will walk along side them for healing. Forgiveness is found when we repent and comes from God. Healing, according to James, is found in confession. 


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