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Winter/Spring SG Week 7

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Week 7


Purpose Driven Part 1 - The Church

Big Idea

There is a lot of thoughts about what the church "should" be doing. But what example did Jesus give us when it comes to the purpose of the church and the believer? Jesus clearly tells us what His works were in Luke 4:16 - Preach the gospel, heal the broken hearted, proclaim freedom, recover sight to the blind, set captives free, and proclaim the "open door" or season of grace.  By this example, we are called to do the same - as a church, as an individual, within the home, and workplace. As we begin to look at purpose in all these areas, let us align ourselves with the example that Jesus gave. 


Discussion Questions

  • What are some hindrances to a purpose driven church?
  • How can we first recognize our blessing and then be a blessing to others?
  • How do we stay focused on the purpose and example Jesus has laid out?

Prayer Focus

“God you have always desired a place to dwell and have fellowship with us. Help us to walk in fellowship with you and be active in the calling to bless others and be a purpose driven church "

Next Steps

Evaluate - Does my life reflect a purpose driven life? How can I be part of the purpose of the Bridge of Hope as they follow this call to be a blessing to others?  

Leader Tip 

Do you have people in your group that want to be involved but don't know how? Help them get plugged in. Do they want to serve in some capacity? Find out where there strengths, gifting, and interest are and let Charlotte know. Let's help them get plugged in.


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