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Winter/Spring Small Group Week 10

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Week 10


Purpose Driven  - Men

Big Idea

In today's culture, we see a varied opinion and role of men. But we cannot allow culture to define what God has already given clarity to. We find in scripture the perfect example of a man - Jesus! We can look at how Jesus responds in various situations and with many different people to see a perfect image of a man. From God honoring labor to controlling emotions and passions, what God calls us to do/be, we can rest that He will equip us to do it.  In the home, the man's role is one of covering and headship - the leader and protector. These characteristics are not in physical form only but also in the spiritual aspect.  With great position comes great responsibility. It's not an easy calling. But rest in the knowledge that God has made a perfect way. And when we do it his way, He will bless it. 


Discussion Questions

  • What are some hindrances to men walking in purpose?
  • What makes a man in the home vital to a families spiritual growth?
  • How can appreciating each others gifts and roles in the home help bring a husband and wife closer together?
  • As single christians, how should we be "looking" for a spouse? What attributes should we find as important?

Prayer Focus

“God you have wonderfully made each of us and fit us together as husband and wife. Help us to walk in our calling, love and appreciate each others uniqueness, and work together. "

Next Steps

Men need the community of other men, friendships and accountability. How can the men in your group form God honoring friendships with other men. Help them get plugged in and meet others in the church. 

Leader Tip 

Within your group, there may be man/husbands who are struggling with seeing themselves as the spiritual head of their home. Take time to discuss the barriers and lies of the enemy that may have them feeling like they can't or don't know where to even begin. Perhaps there are homes where the woman/wife has been the spiritual head for some time - how does she help her husband in his role. How does she respect her husband and submit to his leadership. 


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