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Winter/Spring Week 2

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Week 2


Hearers vs Doers Part 5

Big Idea

As the sermon series wraps up, we see in James chapter 5, how we should address 3 areas of our lives: Money, Patience, and Transparency.  In like manner James doesn't hesitate to call these areas out as ones for the christian to give attention to in their daily walk. Often we can think, "God doesn't care about how I use or gain money." or "what's the big deal if I lost my temper or keep secrets?". But the answer is yes, he does care about these areas and how we manage them all is important. Building from chapter 4 and last weeks sermon on selfishness, these 3 areas can "stoke the selfish fires within our sin nature".

Discussion Questions

  • What practical advice would you give someone who is struggling with their finances? 
  • How do we be an example of having patience through trial? How can we be real with what is happening, but still walk in faith and trust?
  • Do you have a person in your life you can be transparent with? Your spouse? Close friend? Mentor? Secrecy and pride will inhibit our ability and willingness to be transparent. How do we combat these obstacles?

Prayer Focus

“God we want to walk in a way that is pleasing to you. Let our hearts be open and willing to hear what you have to say to us. Understanding that you don't bring areas of our lives or even sin to our attention to do us harm, but to help and heal us. You have laid out a pattern for us, help us to follow it." 

Next Steps

Has there been a particular area of your life God has pinpointed that needs work? Let's follow scripture and be transparent, confess it, and be healed. God brings forgiveness but according to James 5:16, healing comes through confession.

Leader Tip 

We have been challenged in the book of James. encourage your group to not just be a hearer of the challenge but to make changes, be a doer of the word. What actions (doing) are they going to start?


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